Fitness vs Bodybuilding

Fitness vs Bodybuilding

There’s a phase in every person’s life where they have to decide to stay fit by changing their lifestyle. Keeping fit does not end with eating a balanced diet but needs muscles to function well.

There are fitness fanatics who train at the gym. Some target having a big muscle mass for an appealing personality, while others train to stay sportive. Having a fit body with mass muscles motivates them and gives them more power. 

We also can see one set of people who just want an exercise regime to stay in shape or like socializing, and going to the gym helps them interact with people who are having a similar passion for fitness.

Bodybuilding vs Fitness Workout

Though both the fitness regimes sound similar, they actually are very different from each other. Bodybuilding has been existing since our olden days and fitness modeling is a recent offset.

A bodybuilder’s workout does not only include simple functional strengthening but includes working out with heavy weights to build a mass muscle. This bodybuilding technique enhances oxygen circulation and brings nutrition to muscles in turn strengthening blood flow. Bodybuilding suits a sports professional or athlete. 

Bodybuilders workout intensely to initiate microtrauma in their muscles so that they enlarge as they repair. They tone their biceps, triceps, side chests, and other major muscles. The word ‘bodybuilding’ mainly refers to exhibiting aggressive power and all bodybuilders sculpt their bodies to flaunt on stage.

The purpose of fitness training is to exercise to increase the strength your muscles can gain to lift a heavy object. As long as they have stamina, the shape and size of the muscle do not matter. Normal fitness training includes lifting heavy weights and low reps. 

This is done to activate the central nervous system to employ the motor system while lifting. The main goal of muscle building is to strengthen muscles, toughen joints, strengthen bones this building reinforcing connective tissue.

Though both, bodybuilding and fitness training is to sculpt a fit body, there are major differences between them.


As bodybuilders’ goal is gaining mass muscle, they do not include cardiovascular exercises or low weight reps. They work out intensely until they are fully exhausted. During retrieving hours, the ineffective muscles rebuild and become stronger.

A keep fitness fanatics goal is only to be healthy and in shape. Their main intention is not to build mass muscles as long as they are feeling and staying healthy and in good shape.

Bodybuilders focus on crafting a perfect six-pack abdominal and concentrate on legs and glutes. Their workouts are for a shorter period and intense. During their workout session, they spend more than half the session lifting weights and little cardio thus toning muscles while fitness buffs do a lot of reps with lower weights.

A fitness fanatic may spend fewer hours with low-intensity workouts with lessor effort and muscle functioning however a bodybuilder has to spend a couple of hours with constant hard workouts for a longer period.

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